The Department of Materials Science and Engineering since its inception has been
involved in research to upgrade the locally sourced mineral and coal resources for industrial
applications. Emeritus Professor Afonja carried out pioneering work on the washability, basic
characterization as well as the production of formed coke from local coals. Furthermore, Professor
Adeleke in collaboration with other researchers carried out basic and technological
characterization as well as pilot scale tests on selected local and foreign coals and propose blend
formulations that include appreciable contents of local coals. He also collaborated with other
researchers at laboratory and pilot levels to upgrade local solid minerals such as iron ores and
columbite for industrial applications. Another staff of the Department and a former Managing
Director of the Prototype Engineering Development Institute, Ilesa, Dr Adetunji did pioneer work
on the use of cyanide extract from cassava to extract gold from the Ilesa goldfield deposits. He has
also collaborated with other researchers to produce gold nanoparticles from the local gold deposits.
The details on the contribution of the staff of the Department in the Solid Minerals Development
Unit to the development of mineral resources in Nigeria is presented herewith.


Emeritus Professor Afonja’s contributions to knowledge has been in the areas of coal processing
for metallurgical cokemaking. He is the pioneer worker in the area of formed coke production
using the non-coking local coals.

Emeritus Professor Afonja’s publications:

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Dr A. Ogunleye Publications

 Ogunleye, A. and Adelakun, S. A; The potentials of utilizing local raw materials in the
Nigerian Iron and Steel Industry. Proc. Nigerian Soc. Chem. Engrs. Conference 1977.
 Ogunleye, A.; The potentials of Nigerian Columbite. Proceedings of the Conference
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Prof. Adeleke’s contributions to knowledge have been in the areas of mineral/coal
processing and hydrometallurgy. In the area of coal processing, he has obtained the basic physical
and chemical properties of local and imported coals such as proximate analysis, crucible swelling
numbers, Gieseler fluidity and dilatometric G-coking capacity values in order to categorize them
according to International Standards and this has made it possible to determine the conditions
under which the local coals can produce cokeable blends with imported coking coals. The
dilatation test produced the Simonis’ G-value, a valuable index for the evaluation of cokeability
prior to the more expensive pilot scale carbonization tests. In addition, the data obtained in the
course of his research work has been used to demonstrate the conditions under which the empirical
Coke Research Establishment (CRE) formula can be used to predict the micum strength M40 of
coke on the basis of bench scale data. The significance of selected laboratory coking tests and the
use of a neutron-gamma ray online analyzer have also been demonstrated. In addition, a
mathematical model with an associated binary interval search method to obtain cokeable coal
blends (including appreciable quantities of non-coking coals) for cokemaking at minimum cost
has been developed. The use of the method has shown that coal cost can be reduced by up to 29%
with the incorporation of appreciable quantities of local low grade coals.
Furthermore, his research on the pilot scale coal carbonization in collaboration with other
workers has led to the derivation of process parameters for the efficient production of coke using
coking improvement techniques such as preheating and stamped charging. The preheating method
was used to improve the micum strength of coke during pilot scale carbonization. He has also
carried out hydrometallurgical leaching processing of coals, iron ore and bitumen to reduce their
gangue contents and thus maximize their inputs in making cokeable coal blends.
Collaborative bench and pilot scales mineral processing research had resulted in the
upgrading of Itakpe iron ore to Midrex grade concentrate. In addition, a waste columbite tailings
was successfully upgraded for metal value recovery. In the research carried out on Platinum Group
Metals (PGM), test dosages of sodium iso-butyl xanthate (SIBX) was applied on the bead milled
Middle Group 1-3 PGM ore blend. Characterization and separation studies on copper, gold and an
ultra-fine PGM tailings to recover chromite were also carried out. A design to improve an aluminasilicate crushing plant was also carried out. The use of an optical sorting technique to preconcentrate waste gold rocks has also been elaborated. Prof. Adeleke has also collaborated with
others to study the role of forging during the inertia friction welding of superalloy RR 1000. The
research has led to better understanding of the dissolution response of the 𝛾
′phase to thermal and
mechanical effects.

Professor Adeleke’s Publications

Contributions to Books
Okanigbe D.A., Popoola, A.P.I. and Adeleke A.A. (2017): Hydrometallurgical Processing of
Copper Smelter Dust for Copper Recovery as nanoparticles: A Review. In Energy Technology
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iii. Okanigbe D.A., Popoola, A.P.I. and Adeleke A.A. (2018): Enhanced Recycling of Waste
Smelter Dust from Existing and Proposed Smelter Plant at the Palabora Copper (PTY) Ltd,
Limpopo, South Africa. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 391,
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Contribution to Knowledge
In the area of mineral processing, Dr Adetunji’s works involve the characterization and
beneficiation of the Nigerian tantalite and other minerals. This has become the baseline for
tantalum exploitation and value addition in the Nigerian tantalum industry, as well as contribution
to the data base of the solid minerals in the country. A novel contribution is the study of cyanide
potential of some cassava varieties in Nigeria. This was with a view to developing a process for
the leaching of gold with cyanide solution from cassava which reduces the cost and eliminate the
complex procedures associated with the importation of reagents hitherto employed for the
cyanidation process. Currently, and in collaboration with the African University of Science and
Technology, Abuja, the Nigeria; barite is being studied with an attendant domestic beneficiation
processes for the ore to meet the API standard for utilization in oil drilling operations.
Dr Adetunji’s publications:
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