Head of Department’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Materials Science & Engineering named Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at its inception in 1978. The Department was the first of its kind in Nigeria and has trained hundreds of Materials and Metallurgical Engineers over the past twenty six years. The Department boasts of well trained and highly dedicated staff in the major areas of Materials Science and Engineering.

The vision of the Department is to be a leading Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Africa, that is recognized for excellence in teaching, research and community service as evidenced by its provision of efficient technological solutions in the science and engineering of materials in relation to the economic applications of solid material resources in West Africa.

The mission of the Department is to promote by research and comprehensive education, the advancement of knowledge in science of materials and metallurgy and their practical applications in the development of the solid materials resources of West Africa Sub-region through mineral processing, extractive metallurgy, materials characterization, corrosion engineering, foundry engineering and metal casting. We have a strong learning commitment which is problem-based at all levels from undergraduate to PhD studies.

Materials Engineers exploit the in-depth knowledge of materials behavior to develop new and innovative materials with excellent physico-mechanical properties. New materials underpin the development and progress across a wide variety of sectors such as transportation, civil, aviation, electrical-electronics, chemical, environmental and health sciences. Nigeria is endowed with vast mineral resources that require sound knowledge of materials engineering to convert to higher grade products for industrial use as well as various finished metallic and non-metallic products such as polymers, ceramics and composites to meet stringent service conditions.

Materials Science and Engineering has come a long way in the last three hundred years or so with various exciting developments that led to the decline of metal’s dominance.  This led to a proposal by the Department for a change of the name of the Department to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. This was finally approved by the University Senate to take effect from 2003. The degrees offered with effect from 2003/2004 Session were in Materials Engineering.

We appreciate your interest in this Department. You are warmly welcome.


Prof. Abraham A. Adeleke

Head of Department