Philosophy and Objectives of the Department

The Department provides a comprehensive training in the main area of Materials Engineering that ensures that our graduates exhibit a high level of professional competence. In addition, the training is designed to endow the graduates with high degree of flexibility to fit into diverse careers in research and industry. The Department has as its mission

  • Accentuating quality in the pursuit of excellence;
  • Creativity in research, training, thinking and problem solving; and
  • Ensuring relevance – which may be measured by how much the knowledge and skills so acquired by its products can transform our nation and make for technological and economic growth.

The philosophy of the programme in Materials Engineering is to expose students to the science and technology of materials, giving the students a sound theoretical background of the fundamentals and showing them the link between theory and practice by way of laboratory practicals, works visits and industrial attachments. The main objectives of the programme are:

(i)         To provide the necessary high level manpower for the nations engineering materials industries and oil and gas industry that are rapidly developing and expanding.

(ii)        To produce materials engineers who are capable of effecting changes in imported technology to meet local needs through research and development.

(iii)       To provide manpower for the development and sustenance of materials engineering programmes in the nation’s institutions of higher learning.

(iv)       To provide a solid academic base for the pursuit of higher degrees (M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D.)

Consequently, students receive integrated learning experience that includes classroom and laboratory courses in mineral processing, engineering sciences, extractive, physical and production metallurgy, corrosion engineering, bio-materials and nanotechnology to impart the requisite knowledge at basic and advanced levels. These courses are designed to enhance the students’ analytical, experimental, synthesis and design skills in proffering solutions to societal problems.  The graduates of Materials Engineering are involved in the selection, heat treatment and finishing of materials involved in all aspects transportation, food processing, entertainment and construction.