To be eligible for a degree, a candidate admitted through UME must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 191 effective units as indicated in items (a) to (m) below. Candidates admitted by direct entry into Part II and exempted from item (c) and thus have a minimum of 171 effective units to complete.

(a)        12 units of Special Electives and a non-credit carrying Library course (LIB 001)

(b)        85 units of Materials Science and Engineering courses

(c)        32 units of Part I Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics courses comprising MTH 101, MTH 102, MTH 104, PHY 101, PHY 102, PHY 107, PHY 108, CHM 101 and CHM 102

(d)       8 units of Part II Mathematics courses comprising MTH 201 and MTH 202

(e)        6 units of Electronic and Electrical Engineering courses comprising EEE 203, EEE 281, EEE 204 and EEE 282

(f)        4 units of Part II Chemistry (CHM 207)

(g)        10 units based in the Department of Mechanical Engineering courses comprising MEE 203, MEE 204, MEE 205, MEE 206

(h)        4 units based in the Department of Agricultural Engineering comprising AEE 202 and AEE 302

(i)         5 units based in the Department of Civil Engineering comprising CVE 202, CVE 401

(j)         9 units based in Technology Planning and Development Unit comprising TPD 101, TPD 501, TPD 502 and TPD 503

(k)        5 units of Computer Science and Engineering comprising CSC 201 and CSC 202.

(l)         9 units based in the Department of Chemical Engineering comprising CHE 201, CHE       305 and CHE 306

(m)       15 units of Industrial Training courses comprising MSE 200, MSE 300 and MSE 400